8 Romantic Destinations to Visit this Valentine 2019

Are you planning to go on vacation with your loved one this Valentine’s Day?  Perhaps you would want to do something romantic, right? Traveling is one of the most romantic things that you can do on a vacation especially for your special someone.  It will allow you to spend time together alone while enjoying the sights and sounds of foreign lands without limits.

Here are some of the most romantic destinations that you can visit this Valentine’s Day in 2019.

  • Seville, Spain

This particular location is about an hour away from the southern coast of the country.  If you want beautiful scenery and a magical atmosphere, this is a place for you and your special someone.  It is set a mixture of both historic and modern landmarks in the Seville Cathedral as well as the Royal Palace of Seville… something that you will truly never forget.

seville spain for valentines day
  • Paris, France

Paris is literally dubbed as the city of romance.  You can go on a boating tour of the Seine River or even have a romantic proposal in the Eiffel tower.  Whatever you choose to do, you will never go wrong with Paris.

  • Venice, Italy

This is truly one of the most romantic places in the country.  You can grab the chance to ride the beautiful gondolas to explore the river city.  It is definitely a once in a lifetime chance to bring your loved one here during Valentine’s Day.

  • Puerto Rico

This destination could be both romantic and historical at the same time.  If you want a taste of the Caribbean with your spouse or partner, this is the best place to go to.  You will be able to explore at least 200 miles of sandy beaches as well as old churches that bring about the romantic solemnity of past weddings.  You should definitely give this Valentine destination a shot.

  • London, England

If you want a touch of royalty in your romantic travels this Valentine, England is definitely one of the best destinations to go to.  From Big Ben to the Buckingham Palace, you will definitely not regret your decision to explore it is part of the world with the one you love.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii

A busy city teeming with culture and history, this is another great place to travel to if you want to enjoy bonding time with your special someone.  It will allow you to get in touch with nature while enjoying the amenities of modern life as well.

  • Florida Keys

This particular destination offers a lot of scenic routes that you can explore with that special person.  From white sandy beaches to a view of the beautiful sunset, you will never regret visiting this part of the world on Valentine’s Day.  

valentines day florida keys
  • Rome, Italy

You should never pass up an opportunity to visit this location during Valentine’s Day.  It has many historical churches that you can visit and pray in. If you want a solemn and blessed experience this Valentine’s Day, you should definitely schedule a flight to Rome sooner rather than later.

The Wrap Up

With these travel options, you will definitely enjoy Valentine’s Day even more because of the special itinerary that you can have in any of these countries on the list.  You should try to get your flights in order now before it’s too late. You will never regret it.