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Advantages and Disadvantages of Travelling by Ship

There are surely very few experiences like “floating” on water. Whether you’re going on that business trip, or just touring the oceans to see the expansive blue you have only seen in pictures before it is an experience to remember. But why should you choose to go by ship?

Advantages of Travelling by Ship

Enjoy the experience of a moving town

Most of the ships are very large and have almost everything you will need to stay comfortable. The ship is the only transport vessel in which you will find hotels, restaurants and everything you may be looking for. If at any point you feel like your hair is long, you find a barber’s shop just “next door.”


You just paid for a ticket to “transport your body” from one seashore shore to another, but do you know how much you end up getting for free? There are many islands you just read about in books; many mountains that happened at the lakeside. You have always wished you could visit these places, but it still appeared so expensive, yet by just paying for that single ticket, here you are enjoying the beautiful sights and wonders that the sea hosts.


There is plenty of stuff to entertain you as you travel by ship. Due to its large size, the ship is able to host several movie shops, cinema halls and playing fields, bars and all other entertainment points you may want (Remember the Titanic?). Though the journey is usually long due to the slow speeds of the ship, you will never regret it. In fact, you always hate that you have arrived at your destination, and with the journey could continue a little longer.

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Imagine having to travel by air or road from Mombasa in Africa to Osaka Japan, making four stopovers where you sleep in expensive hotels as you wait for the next flight. That would be very expensive. The large size of the ship enables it to charge relatively less while still making profits due to economies of scale.


Risk of attack

Today there are several attacks by pirates on the sea who hijack ships and demand ransom. The worst of all is that these pirates are sometimes so brutal that they end up killing their captives. The Al-Shabab in East Africa has become a major problem that has even made ships change their routes.


Ships can sometimes take several weeks in the water. The slow speed means it is not ideal if you are traveling to an urgent meeting. Imagine you are in this tour of a lifetime and you catch some beautiful fresh fruits, only to reach home and find they are no more because you took too long in the water.

Accidents (Risk of icebergs)

The danger of icebergs has been there for a long time. One of the worst disasters ever was when the Titanic hit an iceberg and drowned, killing several people in the sea.

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Despite these drawbacks, sea traveling by ship is one thing you can’t afford to miss in your lifetime, even if just for a tour of the waters. It is an experience you will always cherish