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Must Carry Items for Winter Travel

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Winter can sometimes get unbearably cold, especially in areas like Europe and Iceland. Planning a winter trip must, therefore, be done with this sometimes extreme cold in mind. If you choose to go on vacation during winter, you will have to prepare for tough times, including torrential downpours, and sometimes even snowfall. It is therefore prudent that you take time to pack your bags with all the essentials for keeping safe and comfortable as you go about your travel.

What are the must carry items when you travel during winter?

The following items are a must if you ever want to enjoy your winter vacation.

Thermal underwear

This is a must-carry item for your winter journey. Thermal underwear works by capturing your body heat and using the same to keep you warm in the extreme winter cold. The most effective thermal underwear are those made of wool, as they are better at retaining heat.


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If there is one part of your body you always want to secure as the first priority, it is the head. If anything affects the head, it affects the entire body. Beanies, especially woolen ones, help a great deal in keeping the head warm. It will also be very instrumental when that strong itching cold attempts to pierce your ears-just pulling the beanie to cover the ear will make you feel relieved.

Down Jacket

Down jackets are unavoidable for your winter journey. Ensure you carry a hooded one to cover the head in case of downpours-if the hood is detachable, the better, as that will make packing more manageable than if it were intact. It should also be waterproof to help protect you from the impacts of snowfall.


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You do not want to end up with frozen hands up that mountain or wherever you are traveling to. Woolen gloves are so essential for keeping your hands warm. If possible, find gloves with touch screen capabilities to help you in case you need to use your phone or any other touchscreen electronic device you may be carrying on your journey.

As you remember the gloves, do not forget also to pack the heaviest socks you can ever find, else your feet will freeze so that you have no way out of the cold


Winters are known to become with very low humidity levels. The risk of dehydration is therefore usually very high. To help protect your skin from that extreme dehydration, ensure you include some excellent moisturizers in your backpack.

Waterproof Backpack

Your bag carries essential items that you always want to keep warm. It must, therefore, have the ability to withstand the cold and downpours. It must never have any leaking parts, lest everything goes wet.

Thermos Flask

A thermos flask in winter is like a cold water bottle in the hot summer. Leave this behind, and you’re sure to cut short your journey. Clothes and socks keep the body warm from outside, but you are never at peace in that cold until you have warmed yourself from the inside.

Other essential things to carry are:

• Umbrella



•Portable charger


•Heat packs


Do you want to enjoy your winter travel? Then you are well advised to observe these packing rules.